December 10, 2015

Few Fall Favorites

Hi guys, now that only few weeks left for Fall to offically end! which makes me so sad because Fall is my favorite season!! I mean the colorful trees, leaves and the amazing weather of course..
and if you followed me on Instagram @sincerelyeman you would see the amount of pictures that I snapped for the past two months!! and the pic above is one of them lol. I've been wearing this booties with cutout sides and buckle that I got from Forever21 last August.
مرحبا, باقي عندنا اسبوعين ويخلص الخريف بشكل رسمي وندخل بالشتاء. فقلت اتكلم عن مفضلاتي لاخر شهرين ونص ووببدأ باللي فوق. نزلت هالصوره بالانستجرام من فتره وانا لابسه هذا البوت اللي اخذته من فورايفر٢١ من ٣ شهور..الحلو  في انه مريح وفي فتحه من الجنب ولونه جدا مناسب للخريف

* Plaid Blanket Scarf: One of my favorites this fall was this big scarf that I got from Rue21, you can find Here (with buy one get one free offer!!). I'm such a big fan of blanket scarfs! and I just keep buying the tartan ones, they're so cozy, stylish and you can wrap it around you neck or body. 

* Wet & Wild lipstick: Love this shade that is called Mocha and they last all day.

* Pixi Glow Tonic: I got this from target when I saw how everyone was raving about it, it really exfoliates & hydrates my skin & I use it mornings & before going to bed and I slowly noticed how my face is improving & glowing.

Loreal nail polish in (dooutzen's nude) 600. love this shade because it's between gray and pink and I think it's perfect for Fall.

* Pumpkin pecan waffles scented candle from bath & body work.
* Threaded bracelets from Forever21 Here.

 سكارف تارتان كبير: اتحمس البس السكارفات الكبيره للشتاء وموضه الترتان الى الان مستمره. اخذته من ريو٢١ تلقونه هنا.
 بيكسي تونر: شريت هذا التونر من كثر مامدحوه الاجانب والبلوجرز وفعلا بعد الاستعمال لاحظت انه ينظف و مايجفف البشره بنفس الوقت.
 روج من ويت اند وايلد: اسمه ميغا لاست وانا عندي اللي اسمه (موكا) وهذه ثاني مره اشتريه, تلقون كل الالوان هنا. حبيتهم لانهم مات بس ماينشفون الشفايف
مناكير من رويال ورقمه ٦٠٠: اللون جميل وجاي بين البينك والرمادي
شمعه من باث اند بدي وورك: برائحه البمبكن والفانيلا
اساور مخيطه من فورايفر ٢١ وتلقونها هنا 

Have a great weekend!
Sincerely, Eman


  1. I agree! I was so sad to see fall end :( I love those boots and your lipstick color is lovely! I need to get my hands on that one.
    Sending love from XOXO

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know right! Thanks :)

  2. I love fall as well! your boots are amazing!!


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