March 31, 2016

Spring Break Photo Diary

March has come and gone quicker than any month so far for me, but the highlight of this month is definitely the spring break!! After two months and half of working and studying, I went to Los Angeles to visit my friends and have some fun. So many places I re-visited and new spots I discovered like restaurants & coffee places.. although it was a bit gloomy & rainy in LA, it didn't stop us from going out and make the most of our vacation before going back. We also went to San Diego (I'll post about this trip in a separate post). So for now I'll leave you with the pictures.

The little Next Door for coffee & dessert
Cardigan: boohooo, Boots: Forever21
Shopping in Americana at brand- Glendale 
This healthy vanilla almond frozen yogurt from @pressedJuicery
Spring beauty!
Outside LACMA
Diddy Riese for delicious ice-cream! 
Venice canal historic district
Joan's on Third (Great for salads and sandwiches)
Rodeo Drive on Beverly hills
Americana at brand- Glendale


  1. Great pictures! LA is amazing!!

  2. great pics!!

    Xo, Alex

  3. Amazing photodiary :)
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  4. Stunning photos :)
    Bonjour from France, Sand.

  5. Beautiful pictures! :) x

  6. Beautiful pics! Looks like you had a great time :)
    xx Elle

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    Instagram: @cherryblossomstreet

  7. Looks dreamy! Major travel envy!


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