December 20, 2016

My 3 day Juice Cleanse Detox

Last week, I went on a juice cleanse and few people asked me about my experience, so here it is:
I dink green/organic juices from time to time, so I decided to start a healthy diet starting with detox cleanse & restar my digestive system. The reason for that is because lately I've been busy & not paying attention to my food. I decided to go with the 3 days juice cleanse from Pressured Juicery & ordered online & took advantage of their Black Friday offers.

  •  Day 1: I was exited to start and I was supposed to drink 6 juices for each day. After 3 juices, I felt very tired and hungry so I ate few slices of apple.
  • Day 2: I woke up feeling dizzy & in need of my morning coffee so bad! 😫 I went to my classes on Monday with two juices. Then I came home straight to rest as I couldn't do anything despite the company's recommendation to walk at least for 20 minutes.
  • Day 3: I couldn't wait for the last day to be over so I can eat solid food, however, I woke up really feeling light & good without any stomachache. 😌
Overall, I really love the experience, especially for someone who doesn't eat vegetables regularly. I don't think I lost weight.. maybe few pounds, but I definitely felt lighter & healthier, maybe it's due to the fact that I've been consuming only liquids for the past few days. I also noticed craving more healthier food choices to be honest, and I will definitely try it again once every 4 months.
There you have it! share with me your juice experience if you had one, feel free to ask me any question 😘

 اهلا, كيفكم؟ طبعا اذا تتابعوني على الانستغرام بتعرفوا انو الاسبوع اللي فات قررت اسوي ديتوكس او تنظيف للمعده عن طريق عصائر خضراء وطبيعيه 🌿🍏 لان الفتره الاخيره كنت مشغوله بالجامعه وبالبحوث والاختبارات فقررت اهتم باكلي وابدا دايت صحي. طلبت اون لاين من شركه انا مجربته عصايرهم من قبلة ووصلوني ب٣ ايام.  ١٨عصير فالمفروض اشرب ٦ في اليوم الواحد من غير اي اكل!
اول يوم كنت متحمسه ابدا ,بس بعد ماشربت ٣ عصاير حسيت بتعب 😩, ثاني يوم صحيت وانا حاسه بدوخه بس هذا شي طبيعي لاني مااكلت شي غير العصاير. الشي الوحيد اللي كنت ابيه هو القهوه لان انا ماافطر الصباح بس لازم اداوم ومعاي قهوتي بس الحمدالله قاومت. اليوم الثالث اللي هو اخر يوم صح كنت دايخه بس اخف من امس يمكن لان جسمي  تعود عليهم. بشكل عام حسيت نفسي خفيفه و صحيه 😊بس مااتوقع ان وزني نزل فمانصح هالتجربه للي هدفهم بس يضعفوا. واخر شي بصراحه لاحظت اني ما صرت اشتهي تشوكليت او اكل غير صحي ❌🍟🍔. فانصح هالتجربه للناس اللي ماتاكل خضار بشكل منتظم او تبداحياه صحيه وبس. اذا عندكم اي سؤال اكتبوا تحت بالكومنت.



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