November 21, 2015

A Day in Chicago

Hi guys, so I spent last Saturday in Chicago with my friends because we decided to go on this trip and we thought to take this opportunity offered by our university. So we arrived there around 10 a.m and we started the day by searching for a coffee place, duh!..  We found a great & cool place called (The Goddess and the Baker), then we went to discover the city starting with the the Millennial Park and the famous giant Bean there, Chicago Riverwalk, and snapped few photos there. Then, we had lunch, and then we went shopping in Michigan Avenue which is a great place to shop in Chicago! but to be honest I kinda wanted not to spend all money there, I'm trying t save up for Black Friday lol. Then the day was over and I was super tired and we headed back home. I'll leave you with the pictures.

مرحبا, اخباركم؟ السبت اللي فات رحت انا وصديقاتي رحله لشيكاغو نظمتها الجامعه لمده يوم كامل. وصلنا هناك على الساعه ١٠ الصباح ولقينا مكان جميل عنده قهوه عجيبه وبعدها رحنا تمشينا بالبارك اللي فيها البيين المشهوره بشيكاغو والبحيره و طبعا مانسينا نصور. وبعدها نتغدينا وتسوقنا بميشيغان افينيو وهذا يعتبر احلى شارع للتسوق في الداون تاون, بس حاولت مااشتري واصرف كل اللي عندي لان البلاك فرايدي بعد اسبوعين ههه. بعد كذا تعشينا ورجعنا بالسلامه واحنا بقمه التعب. اترككم مع الصور



  1. Looks like fun! You should do an outfit post :) -Hanna Lei

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  2. I love Chicago!


  3. i've been a few times and it's really lovely but i still haven't been to the bean! nice photos :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. you should it's the best place there.

  4. So pretty! I've always wanted to go to Chicago:)



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