November 6, 2015

2 trendy skirts for Fall

1- The Button Front Skirts
This trend is inspired by the 70s era, this popular button front skirts are mostly seen with denim and suede with an A line shaped. These types of skirts can be worn at any age and they are very practical! you can find them at many stores like Topshop, Forever21, and ASOS. 

مرحبا.. اليوم بتكلم عن التنانير اللي اشتهرت بالفتره الاخيره ومناسبه لاجواءنا الحاليه..اول وحده هي التنانير اللي فيها ازرار من قدام: هالنوع من التنانير جدا عمليه ومستوحاه من السبعينات ومناسبه للطالبات و لكل الاعمار. موجوه باغلب 
  21المحلات مثل توب شوب و فورايفر

2- Fringe Skirts
This one is one of the major trends this and the last season and I've seen it everywhere during fashion weeks! leather is my favorite! it gives you a chic & stylish look for you outfits. you can wear heels with it or dress it down with sneakers and you are off to go.
which one do you like the most??

النوع الثاني هو الهدب او التنانير اللي فيها هدب من الاطراف: هذه وحده من الموضه او الهبات المشهوره وشفناها كثير في شوارع الموضه في اسبوع الموضه. تنانير الجلد اللي فيها هدب اكثر وحده شدتني لانها انيقه ومرتبه..تقدرين تلبسين معاها 
كعب او حذاء رياضه مع توب بسيط.


  1. Omg yess to both trends!! I love them both and this post is a great inspo!

    1. Yea me too, love both trends!! Thanks!

  2. I love all the buttons on the first type but I LOVE the fringe!!! If it wasn't so cold out now I'd rock the fringe everyday! =)

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

    1. yea sadly it's getting colder now..

  3. such fashionable skirts!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  4. love them both!! xo


  5. I love the button up #1 . fabric looks flowy... the denim tends to be too stiff sometimes. The fringe one is a no for me though... some people can wear it real good!


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