November 26, 2015

From The Windy City

Sweater | السويتر: H&M, Jacket | الجاكيت: Zara (old), Bag | الشنطه: Phillip Lim, Scarf | سكارف: H&M

Hi guys, so this is what I wore when I went to Chicago two weeks ago and I talked about it HERE. The weather was warmer than I thought it would be, but I loved it because I hate feeling cold like everyone else lol. Happy Thanksgiving!

 مرحبا, هذا بوست سريع عن لبسي لسفره شيكاغو من اسبوعين وتكلمت عنها هنا بالتفصيل .المهم كنت متوقعه الجو يكون   بارد بس الحمدالله كان حلو لانه بصراحه ماأحب اطلع بالجو البارد والثلوج, افضل اقعد بالبيت.لا تنسون تستمتعون بالويكند والجو الجميل. 


  1. No way, you were in my city! Hope you guys had a wonderful time! Love your scarf!

    1. Your city is really beautiful :)

  2. Love the look!

  3. I like your outfit and pictures! The coffee looks so good! :D

  4. Love this city so much :) I love your outfit, too! Perfect to walk around, thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx


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